Strategy is not a myth - but it may seem like magic.


Unicorns are fun - but mythical creatures always seem to disappear. They lose their magic as we age and eventually turn into myth: a story we once heard long, long ago. Don't be a tale to be told - be the author 0f the story. 

I look at your business as a book to hold; the complete account of all your ups and downs, adventures and perilous pursuits of success. It's all-encompassing, and when recorded right can forecast where your business needs to go next.  


 Consultancy Services

When it comes to building a brand, solving a business problem or just fixing a leaky faucet, no matter the problem the solution needs to found. I help you do that. 



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What is a Strategist? 

 I develop big ideas based on data.  However, I am not a data scientist but I am an analyst.

My role as a Strategist is where art meets the science. Take a little business acumen and add in a bit of human observation, arm-chair psychology and finish it off with a dash of design thinking; and you end up with what I call, a 'Behavioral Strategist'; think, part business strategist, part brand-planner. I utilize tools, information, language and objectives to discover the right roadmap needed to bring  business goals to the right audience and at the right time – in the most engaging way possible.

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Experience from the Road

When it comes to building brands you don't need magic - you need math.  Strategic positioning and planning are part science, part nuance.

Here you'll find examples of previous work, past challenges and ways I pushed companies into thinking differently about their future. 

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Passion Play: Apparel Anthropologist

Care about sustainability? Love fashion? Me too.

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" An excellent communicator, both orally and in writing, Cathy has strong presentation skills, and was always prepared. I would highly recommend her, and am excited for when I get to work with her again."

— Sehban Zaidi, Executive Producer