The Job.

 Figuring out the next move

Figuring out the next move

When it comes to Strategy and Direction in terms of developing branding, meeting KPI's and  focusing on an objective there are three main area I work through to get to those results:


Simply put: I develop highly creative digital/physical ideas that are steeped in strategic thinking. 

I am not a data scientist but I am a data analyst.

My role as a Creative Strategist is where art meets science. Part  thought leader and creative big thinker, I develop the roadmap needed to bring your goals and objectives to life.

I’ll go through four main points of focus in your planning process:

DISCOVERY:  Researching to pinpoint what makes your organization unique while discovering what your audience needs. 

  • Insights
  • Discovery/Data Analysis

MAPPING: Developing a course, or path-to-market, that helps you understand what your company needs are and guiding you to make the right choices for your brand.

  • Planning & Positioning
  • Big Idea

STRATEGY: Implementation of decided paths via strategic action-oriented goals that allows your company to achieve optimum branding and positioning within your industry. Further analysis and adjustments or additional implementations made if needed.

  • Qualitative/Quantitative Research (Cubeyou, Meltwater, Crimson Hexagon, Forrester Reports, Gallup Poles, Focus Groups, Surveys)

CREATIVE: Branding and creative ideation. Identity, design and all creative media will be introduced into the marketplace for targeted consumption and reviewed for effectiveness.

  • Creative Development
  • Execution
  • Analytics (Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture(Audience Manager))

Key Take Aways:

  • I work through the discovery process, gradually understanding your business needs, your customer’s wants and the targeted point that brings the two together.
  • I digest research and find the actionable points needed to be focused on for each job and client.
  • I work with cross-functional teams to develop smart, engaging experiences such as: integrated experiences, websites, apps, digital products and promotions.
  • I generate content and copy for strategic and branding presentations, meetings and company-wide distribution.
  • I steer both strategy and creative teams ensuring the overall creative strategy is carried through in every creative execution.


Do you know why your brand performs the way it does? Is it strong within its market? Does it fully realize the competitive landscape it lives in? Do you know why your brand uses the color red?

From value propositions to added value, brand vision to brand guidelines, I strive to bring every brand I work on to the forefront of the industry by creating awareness, recognition and trust.

Key Take Aways: 

  • A brand is like a person; part physiology, part emotion. Understanding both is key. I never forget - there is no guessing, only calculated decisions.
  • I establish a brand’s essence and enforce a brand promise, goal and a reason to believe (RTB).
  • I’ll create a brand strategy with strong, impactful choices.
  • I develop a tone, emotional connection, personality and identity unique to each brand.
  • I create brand stories. Together, we’ll develop the ability to tell the stories in many ways– but always consistently and with one key message driver.
  • I help your brand become relatable and accessible. People don’t like brands they can’t establish a relationship with. Whether the relationship is one of convenience, customer service or value all roads lead to loyalty and repeat business.
  • Once a brand persona is established, I’ll help develop a logo, visual identity and brand guideline so that brand consistency is maintained.



Analyzing, imagining and bringing the strongest creative minds to the table are things I love to help do. This is where ingenuity is implemented. Where surprise meets calculation. Where something unexpected can change a perceived notion and make an entire audience take a second look.

For me,  my background in communications and extensive experience working in digital media; guiding a team to the best concept, message and impact is as rewarding as it is beautiful.

Key Take Aways:

  • Creative is subjective. Understanding the clients needs first will allow for a happy union between all parties.
  • Without a concept, there is no campaign. Knowing the difference between the idea and the deliverable is the first step in understanding the brand.
  • I make sure all creative content supports the strategy, positing and branding while still evoking new emotions for your target.

I then work closely with art directors, designers and copywriters to ensure that the overall cohesive strategy, messaging and brand are always carried through to the final creative in the most innovative way possible.